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Modern Technology & Criminal Defense Firms

Managing suppliers, technology, operations, and all the other aspects of a law firm is time consuming and can be expensive when many of the functions are not offered on one platform. A law firm operating in this way could not provide an atmosphere conducive to practicing law, providing a healthy work-life balance, or generating the profits necessary to invest in growth.

By consolidating all of these functions onto a single platform, law firms can free up time and resources to focus on their core mission of providing exceptional legal services to clients. An integrated platform allows for greater efficiencies in everything from billing and accounting to document management and communication, which can ultimately improve the overall client experience.

“I have now worked with SST for two years. In that time, they have transformed my law firm. And that is still an understatement. They are listeners, patient, keep promises, and have an unparalleled commitment to being great for their clients.”


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