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First, a review of basic cell biology:

The cell is the building block of life, and the nucleus is its control center. Containing the materials that lay out the instructions for the entire organism, the nucleus is the hub of activity—it sends the signals that get things done. No one structure is any more important than the others in the nucleus; everything is equal and necessary for proper functioning.[clear-line]

Why cell biology? Well, SST has a nucleus too.

Our nucleus consists of a few core people who work together (virtually, in the cloud) to find ways to help our clients communicate better with their customers. Each of us contributes equally, and we manage cooperatively, so there’s no CEO, no president, no VPs. That’s not how we roll. Old-fashioned models of corporate structure don’t work when freely shared communication is what the business is all about. We’re into measurable results, not bureaucracy. In many cases, our clients’ businesses also suffer from these outdated structural problems. We lead by example and help them find new ways to work together. We’re doing it this way, and we know: The nucleus is the engine behind our superior performance. In the rest of the cell, our specialists carry out the tasks programmed by the nucleus in their own hubs—Data Management, Online Lead Generation, CRM Services, and B2B Appointments management. The nucleus is involved with the specialists every day, thanks to our cloud-based communication. Everybody at SST knows what’s going on at all times.

Are we a good fit?

SST is not for everybody. Not every business is OK with examining and challenging its B2B sales and marketing processes. And, frankly, not every business operates on a scale that could benefit from our methods, procedures, processes, capabilities, and people. But if you’re…

the CEO of a B2B company that sells complex products or services and isn’t meeting its goals despite at least a five-figure sales contract

…and you’re willing to embrace a novel approach to managing your complex customer relationships while generating fresh opportunities in new ways, call us. Other clients have seen remarkable, measurable success. You can too.[clear-line] Start now.

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