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SST System™

Created for CEOs to have a clear view of every dollar invested and returned, and sales funnel activity created and scheduled.

We have developed the process monitoring platforms for our clients, keeping them up to date 24/7 where their is money going.

“We like to keep our clients lending, not spending.  If every promotional dollar that goes out is returned in a larger sum, then our client is enjoying the leverage of promotional marketing dollars that fuel growth  instead of feeling like they are spending into a black box.”

Michelangelo Celli, the Nucleolus

Connect all sources

Keeping track of progress at every step of the sales process is impossible for many businesses without in-house expertise in cross-functional areas like finance, marketing, sales management, and CRM and internet technologies. We make it easier.

Keep track of investment & outcomes

Presented visually

The SST Sales Process Monitoring System™ reveals an opportunity for an easy check of the investment, the hours our specialists spent activating the market, the number of activity outcomes achieved and revenue returned. Keeping track of the workflows and outcomes in the Interface gives our clients the opportunity to have real time visibility into the promotional efforts and leverage management science instead of wondering.

Data charts reveal the cost per appointment and the number of appointments by day to manage within either best practices ranges or specified levels set by the allowable acquisition models of the client.

Salesforce integration

The SST Sales Process Monitoring System™ integrates with Salesforce and other CRMs to give the opportunity to track even better the client’s investment in sales funnel stimulation directly in the CRM from dollars in to dollars out.

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