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B2B Appointment Setting Procedure


We Start Intelligent Conversations Betweens CEOs and their B2B Customers.


Allowing your sales professionals to waste time chasing prospects is losing you revenue and earning you a lumpier sales pipeline. You’re also losing opportunities and paying more to acquire new business.[clear-line]


You’ll probably spend too much in the wrong places trying to drive sales, and you’ll see longer sales cycles and lower morale along the way. Not good.

SST has designed a system that helps you acquire and retain customers who are ready to buy. We’ll help you win back the ones you lose, too, and we’ll do it all while quantifying and analyzing your acquisition costs.

Our highly trained specialists receive ongoing coaching and the best tools to help them hone in on what customers want. SST specialists are not boiler-room dialers—they’re articulate, talented professionals, with specialized skills that determine their project assignments.

[/one-half-first][one-half]We use specialized assessments to recruit the best talent for the real challenge of organizational research, and executing high-impact techniques designed to grab the attention of decision makers.

Your salespeople will spend their days meeting with high-powered people who are pre-disposed to buying your product. The next step will be to integrate all your new business information and sales activity under one roof with a CRM System so that you can make better decisions and continually manage and optimize your sales funnel. Call us at (724) 224-5380 to schedule your free Funnel Gravity Assessment for your B2B Appointments need.[/one-half][clear-line]