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How a Specialized Manufacturer Overcame Data Silos to Identify Sales Opportunities in a Data Haystack

Specialty work is always a challenging task, needing to be perfect to maintain a positive reputation, and requires a high level of quality, expertise, and the right business processes to make sure everything runs smoothly. There is little room for error, and keeping things operating smoothly can be tricky. Thankfully, for their product, Schmidt Presses has the quality and expertise. For their business processes, they could turn to Smart Systems Technology.

Headquartered in Germany and owned by a multi-million dollar parent company, Schmidt Presses realized their complex sales process was breaking in its major phases. The company had an overwhelming amount of data that made it difficult to find the real potential customers in the haystack. Their Zoho customer relationship management (CRM) system was overloaded with data and contained nearly 15,000 records.

Schmidt Presses turned to Smart Systems Technology to eliminate the organizational blindness that hindered their sales processes. When the engagement began, SST mapped existing processes to identify where they could implement their patent-pending, state-based data architecture to virtualize the operational gaps. With this process complete, Schmidt Presses adopted the sales coordinator VHOS (virtual human operating system) for relationship acquisition, management, and opportunities to help them separate the important leads present within existing data to generate more sales.

While SST developed the underlying framework for improving processes, they put a moratorium on spending for marketing and sales. The goal was to enhance visibility across the phases of the sales process and view the status of existing relationships. Additionally, another goal was to manage the productivity of money spent, allowing Schmidt Presses to understand the data differently from the machine learning analysis that was also employed. At the same time, SST cleaned and improved the client’s 15,000 existing records to contextualize sales and reduced this number to 2,800. Though there was a substantial reduction in the data within the Zoho CRM, it unloaded the data that was no longer useful to the client and identified the actionable leads already present.

Going forward, SST’s team of specialists will manage the records to make sure that it does not bloat to the unusable level it was at before. Through this process, Schmidt Presses was not just getting new sales opportunities but identifying latent opportunities in existing data. Removing over ten thousand records removed the haystack and left just the customers. In less than eight months, the company communicated with true customers more often, which led to more quotes and more sales. Additionally, the process extended to Schmidt’s 50 independent representatives, working nationally, to increase leads, sales, and efficiency.

The VHOS adopted by Schmidt Presses allows them to improve communications between business processes to manufacture complex process operations, moving workloads faster. On top of unloading the CRM for the client, SST eliminated the disconnect between the business processes and planned changes in specialized labor to help overcome data silos. This improvement will help the client focus on what they do every day, creating high-quality, specialized presses for their customers. The solution struck the perfect balance between the wealth of humans and technology.

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