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Helping a Growing Staffing and Recruiting Firm Meet the Demands of Expansion

Over the last 18 months, many businesses continued to tread water as they waited for the continuously shifting end of the pandemic to arrive and return their business to normal operations, while others could not keep going, falling to a disaster out of their control. Remarkably, others used the time during the pandemic to force innovation through the executive suite and adopt new strategies for growth and success.

The Sourcery Professional Services, a specialized executive recruiting firm operating nationally, belongs to the last group of pandemic businesses. With a team run by a top-level professional in a consultative environment, and a $5 million business valuation, the consulting firm wanted to scale and grow to be a leader in the industry. However, when the company transitioned to virtual operations, there was much confusion between the team, clients, and delivery. While Matt Abbot and his team figured most of that challenge out internally, his desire to scale the business required additional help from Smart Systems Technology to meet their goals.

When SST stepped in, the company was able to workshop the firm’s organizational structure to recommend patent-pending, state-based data architecture to virtualize the gaps in the Sourcery’s operations. Specifically, there were challenges with online demand creation, communicating with more of the market, managing inbound calls, and overlooking files within their CRM.

This challenge presented two options: manually move information between the applications adopted during the pandemic (like CRM, Monday, and QuickBooks), or work with SST on a new way to make the applications talk without changing platforms. Naturally, they went with the second option and worked with SST to develop a new system. Creating a pathway through the applications, The Sourcery was able to manage their business practices and utilize the SST VHOS (virtual human operating system) to contextualize data and improve communication between business processes. Through the VHOS, SST’s human specialists filled in operational roles needed to maintain information communication through the various software in place. This helped not only manage demand generation and inbound calls but transform data into customer relationships.

The new process was designed to support a client intake and relationship management processes desperately needed for the client’s growth strategy. The output of one application becomes the input for another, creating a continuous stream of information flowing between applications. This made the ability to keep operations moving simpler during the pandemic and kept The Sourcery’s customers happy and satisfied.

Since beginning the relationship with SST sixteen months ago, The Sourcery has translated the success of improved processes into higher throughput of relationships which are nurtured better for a lower cost. Remarkably, the client was able to boast a growth of 52% this year. Plus, with the ability to effectively manage operations remotely, the firm can better meet the needs of clients distributed across the United States.

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