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Create Demand and Shorten Your Sales Cycle

You have something good to say but you are not saying it well. In order to achieve greater throughput of inquiries, leads and appointment activity into your sales funnel, you need to change the basis for communication from being about you to being about the needs of your customers, and at the same time, follow the B2B principles of relationship selling. SST can provide you with the necessary program design, support and resources that will strengthen your overall selling environment while meeting your business vision and objectives for a strong presentation. Our communications team can meet all graphic design, copywriting and development needs to help you create demand and shorten your sales cycle. 

There are hidden mechanics that cause B2B communications efforts to win or lose. Don’t misapply B2C tactics into your B2B Environment. We have spent years identifying and testing communication programs that take advantage of these principles and mechanics against those that do not. As specialists, our advice and know-how have proven invaluable to our clients in all phases of their communications efforts. 

The goal is sales, so why are you using marketing dollars to brand when you could be using them to sell? 

You are relevant to the needs of your customers and prospects more of the time. You give them educational reasons to spend time with you that they otherwise would not spend. This gives you the advantage to develop and nurture a relationship on which your sales depend. They get to experience what the relationship with your company will be like in advance of the very signing of a contract, so by the time they need to sign the contract, there is a high level of trust already. We can help you develop consultative assessments, reports, and tools to display on your website, landing pages, and to be integrated into your email programs or company info pack. Moreover, we can plan, design, execute and manage a program to align internal and external company communications and ensure communication breakthroughs (all departments start acting as one organism).

Holistic B2B Communications Strategy


Start selling on value, not on price.

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Holistic B2B Communications Strategy


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