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Sales problems in complex relationship service-based organizations are rooted in communication problems between your organization and those you would serve. The most basic component of the sender/receiver communication format is information. The most basic component of that information pack is a data pack or in a word – data. If you don’t control your data, you will have no information. Therefore you will not know how to communicate in the best way with those you serve. The result will be your relationships with all your key stakeholders will erode, sever and die off. 

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Intelligence is what you need. Intelligence is built through the gathering of discrete data instances, layered with meaningful business context. Intelligence is the byproduct of the process of asking and answering questions. This successful expression and elaboration of this process is what makes SST unique.

Creative humans is the way to get it. Data at its essence is not merely a technical challenge but one which still requires the specialized labor of human beings. At SST our data management specialists not only understand the technical aspects of managing your B2B data, but they are also creative humans. 

You cannot buy good databases, you have to build them. We design data strategies for B2B companies that are both sophisticated and affordable. 

Strong data management practices will provide the entire organization—through analysis and reporting—with the customer intelligence you need to maneuver and adapt, to remain competitive in today’s fast-changing and increasingly globalizing market place. Data is a reality that your business strategy simply can’t ignotr if you wish to grow and thrive. <br>

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if you don't have a good handle of your data, you are flying blind

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Data Research & Acquisition

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Data Cleansing

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Tools & Integrations (web-based services & handling)

Data cleansing & enrichment

A/B Testing

Fully covered Copy & Design Creation

Landing Page Development

Calendar Integration

CRM Integration

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