CRM Systems Are Your Best Business Tool

Is your business experiencing breakdowns with data? If you answered yes, then you’re not alone. Many businesses implement CRM systems to store and manage their data, however, without a solid data strategy in place, data can quickly spiral out of control.

While CRM systems are a great asset when properly managed, but it’s easy to find yourself suffering from data overload. Data is in a constant state of motion and needs to be consistently monitored and refreshed to prevent having a dirty database. Businesses that have strict data policies in place are at a significantly greater advantage than those that do not.

Your Data Strategy Needs to Set Expectations

Data struggles are a very real issue in almost all businesses. Data is coming in from several different places – websites, landing pages, Google, and all in different formats, not to mention the number of internal teams that also have their hands all over it creating a pool of messy data. Since data is in a state of constant motion it can be rather difficult to stay on top of it.

CRM Data strategies are your business’ greatest tool to set expectations on how your data must be managed, stored, replenished, cleansed, utilized, and so on. The process keeps your data from getting out of hand and affords you a competitive advantage because you’re making data-driven decisions based on facts and not assumptions.

The Hidden Value Inside Your CRM

Smart Systems Technology’s data experts have worked with countless businesses to conquer their data breakdowns and realize the value of their data. Often our clients see their businesses growing and performing well, so they don’t believe there’s an issue. On the surface, things seem fine because business growth is concealing critical issues and even additional opportunities.

To help our clients see the bigger picture in terms of data, we perform our CRM Data Strategy Scan on a small slice of company data. By scanning and analyzing the data, we prepare a data strategy that improves business performance, reveals untapped opportunities (a potential for significant revenue increase), optimizes resources, reduces costs, and maximizes ROI (return on investment), all while maximizing productivity in each area of the business. Our methods of scanning data go deeper than the typical data analysis.

And That’s Not All

To cleanse data, you need data and in today’s data-driven world, you can buy data sets by the dozen., D&B, ZoomInfo, you need data, they have it by the millions. Unfortunately, the data sourced is never 100% accurate and can be costly. There is no such thing as a ‘good’ data list, you must build it. But if you’re dealing with data inaccuracies, your business is impacted in one way or another.

At Smart Systems Technology our expert Specialists work data lists every day. While most data companies rely on algorithms to pull together data pieces, our methods differ greatly. When our specialists work with data they rely on a few resources, but our greatest data verification technique is calling into our client’s data list and speaking with a live person to verify the information is correct. Data is moved across processes as it’s cleansed, and we even track them based on their emotional stage.

Our methods more accurate as we go by taking more valuable steps than a typical data company does. Our Specialists can collect unique intelligence directly from your targets before they’re even a customer. Data that is worked often is a huge factor in the accuracy of your data strategy.

Let’s Talk Data!

Your business is ready to tackle its data and our team of experts is ready to guide you step-by-step. Our vast experience has helped businesses like yours turn their CRMs into valuable intelligence machines – you can too!

Delaying a resolution is hurting each area of your business – no area is immune!

Our data experts are excited to meet with you in a brief virtual meeting to discuss your data needs and mutually decide if your business will benefit from our FREE CRM Data Strategy Scan. Use the Schedule Now button below to get started today.

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