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The Intelligent Onboarding Process

Smart Systems Technology Onboarding Process

Smart Systems Technology employs a proprietary Intelligent Onboarding Process that gets your project started as quickly as possible, with every criterion clearly defined and assigned. Roadmaps and diagnostics along the way lead us to the pilot launch.

From the original Onboarding Document through Data Diagnostics and the Intelligent Canvas, SST keeps your process on track with a detailed timeline and meticulously defined criteria. When we have all of the information—and we do mean all—we build your Roadmap, which is your project’s main guiding document. And, when the Roadmap is set, we move into the Pilot Launch.[clear-line]

Start small, and let math be your guide.

Your pilot program will begin with a thorough analysis of existing and required data and an assessment of your business requirements and allowable costs. Reports on optimal and actual performance and weekly action calls will allow us to explore every possibility while keeping the numbers in balance. At the end, our strategic session will refine the course of your new project. It’s foolproof, because it’s entirely measurable.

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