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Google Ads

Performance in The Online Market Matters

With the state of the economy ever hanging in balance, having a strong Google Ads program is a must. A weak program could be killing your online presence. According to a recent article, Google is responsible for 85% of the world’s searches and is undoubtedly the preferred search engine. To gain an advantage your program must perform well.

If you’re looking to build a new Google Ads program or are frustrated with the performance of your in-house effort, or outside resources’ performance, then you’ve come to the right place.

Consistent Revenue Is Important

A strong online presence will open doors for your business. A weak program can make you invisible to your customer’s online searches. Smart Systems Technology’s methods can help you learn how to strengthen your advertising in ways you’ve probably never considered. More consistent inquiries lead to a more consistent workload which leads to more consistent operations, which leads to a better quality of professional life for you and your team.

Specialized Ads That Return Better Results

Our in-depth experience with Google Ads management helped one client, a 25-ton press manufacturer, headquartered in Germany, grow their US-based operations exponentially.

This client came to us with pieces of a marketing plan not quite put together. An online marketing analysis by our Google-Certified experts revealed a market was indeed there for their products. Our team kicked off a fully customized marketing initiative and our client began to steadily perform in the online market.

Today, this same manufacturer is still going strong and has expanded the use of Smart Systems Technology’s services by adding an inbound/outbound call program to manage their increased level of inquiries.

Understand the Online Market and Standing Out

To perform well in the online market, businesses must have a clear understanding of how to advertise effectively and have insight into how the competition is performing. Our processes can help you model and forecast revenue based on how your competitors are performing.

A Word from One of Our Manufacturing Clients

Right now, you know more about us than we do about you. We haven’t had the opportunity to earn your trust or hear your story, so listen to what one of our clients had to say about working with the Smart Systems Technology team.

“We have worked with Smart Systems for several years to help build our online marketing efforts. They have provided us with a strong ROI which has converted to a 7-figure sales output …”

-25,000-ton Press Manufacturer

Add Operational Resources Without Increasing Overhead

For more than 20 years, Smart Systems Technology has developed expertise in various phases of outsourcing business operational pieces for businesses throughout the US.

Our Spheres of expertise include:

  • Online Demand Generation

    • Google Ads, Website Design, Landing Pages
  • Inbound/Outbound Phone Support and Tracking

    • Google Inbound and Website Outbound, CRM APIs
    • Sales and Customer Service Outreach

      • Upselling, Cross Selling, Win-back, Maintenance Renewals and Service Updates and Scheduling
  • Strong Command of Data 

    • Data cleansing (company name, phone number, website, target name, direct phone, and email (where available).
  • Material Procurement

    • Locate Materials and Gathering Purchasing Information
  • Inventory Management

    • Monitor Stock Levels and Notify of Inventory Needs
  • Billing and Collections

    • Scheduling Payments According to Payment Terms, Collecting Payments, and Carrying Out Client-Initiated Payment Requests.

Manufacturers and Service-Based Businesses Operating Differently

The value of Smart Systems Technology’s specialization and understanding of helping manufacturers and service-based businesses cannot be underestimated. We can continuously optimize your ads to maximize your return and capture quality clicks.

With our patent pending Reflection Data Architecture, you can reflect ANY area in ANY database. See updates in real-time. As our Specialist works on your project, data is confirmed and cleansed, inquiries are qualified or disqualified, and high-quality leads are set before you. This cuts the time your team spends on chasing leads down to a fraction of the time, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks.

We can help your entire business operate better, which helps with the quality of professional life for your team, and better customer service outcomes.

VHOS Benefits for Manufacturing and Service-Based Businesses

Below are just some of the benefits our clients see as users of the VHOS platform:

  • Increased efficiency with streamlined and automated processes.
  • Complete tasks faster and improve productivity.
  • All systems in one drive down errors, and gain accurate data.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, reduce spending, and improve their bottom line.
  • Make better decisions with real-time data and analytics.
  • A strong command of data.
  • Scale up or down when you need to. The VHOS offers complete flexibility.
  • Achieve growth-related goals by increasing revenue.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and improve client satisfaction by optimizing processes.

Pricing Customized to Your Needs

With the addition of the VHOS platform, gone are the days of slow processes, messy data, inability to keep up with inquiries, minimal inbound/outbound phone support, time spent chasing down billing, and more.

Our pricing model is specific to each of our client’s needs based on monthly volume. Do you need Google support this month but not the next? Great! We’ve got you covered. Have an extremely busy few months coming up and need added resources? We can do that too.

Some areas of your business may be operating fine but if they are tied to one area that is slower or even stuck, eventually the slower area will affect the overall business.

Is Our Service Right for Your Business

Getting to know Smart Systems Technology starts with a phone consultation or by scheduling a virtual video consultation to determine if your business could benefit from a FREE Online Marketing Analysis by one of our Google-certified experts.

If it makes sense, Smart Systems Technology will prepare a full analysis report for your business outlining the potential of introducing a new program to your advertising mix or helping you to get the most from an existing program by aligning with Smart Systems Technology’s specialized approach.

To learn more about Smart Systems Technology, use the form below to reach out and we will get back to you in the next 2 business day to schedule your consultation.

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Copyright © 2023 Smart Systems Technology.
All rights reserved.

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