Sustaining a successful business is never an easy task. Day in and day out challenges present themselves, testing the endurance of your team. Are you built to survive it? Is your team prepared to push through and overcome these challenges? 

As a business owner who values their team you’ve implemented a support system of technologies and applications to ease the workload your team carries to keep the business moving forward. From Microsoft products to a CRM systems, your team has a variety of tools in their arsenal to help them be successful. With support tools in place, your team is still struggling with inefficiencies and breakdowns that are hindering their performance. It’s time to stop wasting money on applications that essentially do the same thing and implement a tool that can support your business from end to end. 

For more than 20 years, Smart Systems Technology has helped businesses across many different industries address, manage, and prevent operational breakdowns and inefficiencies. Our unique methods, strategies, and proprietary technology allow businesses to focus on the important matters instead of being overwhelmed by low leverage tasks. 

Without steady sales businesses die. Sales are the very air businesses needs to survive. If sales have dropped to dangerous levels, become inconsistent, or have dried up completely, only a small window of opportunity is available to correct course and bring back vital air to the company. Wait too long and you risk ceasing to exist along with years of hard work and the jobs your team needed to survive. 

Think about this – your online advertising content is killer, customers are making their way to your beautifully designed website, they’re filling out inquiry forms, yet they’re not converting to sales. What is going on? Your online marketing strategy is obviously working, customers are finding you but sales aren’t being closed. In reality you’re marketing strategy is effective and your sales team hasn’t suddenly forgotten how to do their jobs. In previous months your team closed a significant number of sales growing the business substantially causing quite the challenge to maintain existing relationships or acquire new ones. 

With business growth comes a greater workload, placing more tasks on your team’s plate. A once productive sales team has slowed to a screeching halt essentially stopping the influx of revenue and cutting off the air your business needs. The team is overwhelmed with repetitive tasks that are of lesser importance but still critical and they can no longer be effective in their roles. You’ve implemented multiple applications to support them in their efforts, why is this happening?

Communication breakdown

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Nearly 10% of businesses now have more than 200 apps … “. Businesses subscribe to these services yet support from end-to-end just isn’t there. The reality is, with all the applications and technologies in place, cross company communication is limited at best. Data stored in one place isn’t finding it’s way to other critical places causing organizational blindness – the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. In all areas of any business, communication is critical if success is the intention. A lack of communication between applications will be detrimental not just for the business, but for operations and your team.

Here at Smart Systems Technology one of our beliefs is “Communication is how we win”, we say it often and stay true to it. Without communication relationships, processes, teams, and businesses will all eventually breakdown. For more than 20 years we witnessed businesses struggle with communication, leading to birth of our proprietary Data Automation and Synchronization technology and our Virtual Human Operating Systems – VHOS

Our clients had implemented multiple applications and technologies yet communication was minimum at best. Areas of their businesses weren’t aware of what the others were producing or struggling with leading unnecessary breakdowns. Through our experience the need for change became our great mission. Our technology provides the ability for applications, technologies, and teams to communicate anywhere at any time, bringing teams together like no other product can. 

Google and Microsoft don’t communicate – yes they can! Customer intelligence isn’t making it from Excel to your CRM, BMP, or other database your business uses – yes they can!

Every day you communicate with your customers in one way or another, whether it’s your Google Ads, landing pages, website, an email or a phone call, your communication is getting out. You’re internal communication should be no different.

At Smart Systems Technology we believe humans and technology are critical in the workplace. If you have dedicated, hardworking humans and technology that can fully support them while elevating them in their roles, they both become a powerful operational system. Staying true to our belief, the Virtual Human Operating Systems VHOS came to life. We’ve developed a state-of-the-art platform that can not only support any business from front-to-back but it enhances the abilities of our humans working behind the scenes dramatically. Not only does the VHOS enhance our humans, it enhances your humans as well. Businesses are coming together like never before, operating without breakdowns or inefficiencies overtaking them.

The sad reality is small and medium sized businesses are in a constant state of struggle trying to survive without being gobbled up or forced out by large corporations that dominate their markets. There never seems to be enough time or resources to compete with companies who have 10x the manpower and resources. If these businesses don’t act fast, the market for small and medium sized businesses will be gone.

Our VHOS platform affords these businesses the ability to regain their footing. Teams can focus on increasing revenue, maintaining existing relationships, and growing the business by performing the roles they were hired to do.  We’ve created new form a service called Human Process Management. The basic idea is 

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