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A Strong Support Team Is Crucial to Perform Well

Finding and hiring the best talent is critical for any business. The expense of hiring just one employee can range in the thousands and at any time that same employee can self-terminate, leaving you to start over and incur additional costs in recruiting and training.

If you’re looking to expand your resources without the high costs or need specialized support for your current team, then you’ve come to the right place.

Breakdowns Businesses Need to Prepare For

All businesses can face breakdowns that can cause gaps in available resources which can hinder performance. An employee suddenly exits the business with short notice, your head of sales suddenly becomes sick and needs time off, a global pandemic hits and operations come to a halt, many different scenarios can arise and being unprepared can be detrimental.

Smart Systems Technology’s methods can help accommodate, improve, and strengthen capabilities in ways you’ve likely never imagined. For more than 20 years, our methods have been woven into our clients’ daily operations supporting the business in a variety of areas. We help create a balance in support allowing our clients to do what they do best. When businesses aren’t being bogged down by low leverage admin related tasks, they are then able to focus on their higher leverage tasks improving the overall performance of the business and better customer reputation.

Capacity Expansion Without the High Costs

For a fraction of what businesses spend on recruiting, training, and technology each year, Smart Systems Technology’s VHOS or Virtual Human Operating Systems offers the capacity expansion equivalent of hiring multiple employees without the high costs.

At Smart Systems Technology, we believe in the future of human work. Our VHOS is designed specifically to streamline workflows, improve data integrity, and boost productivity, transforming the way businesses operate. A new category of service, Human Process Support, analyzes your business’s process and provides customized support routines tailored to your exact needs.

Humans and technology play a pivotal role in business support. By themselves, humans nor technology have all the answers, but put them together and you have a powerful tool.

Support That Allows Better Operations

Our in-depth experience has helped many businesses successfully streamline their operational processes. With the addition of the VHOS platform, your highly paid professionals will be able to focus on what they were hired to do. The tasks that were once hindering productivity are now managed by the VHOS platform.

Our team of Specialists are ready to support your business in various areas, from online demand generation and inbound/outbound phone support to complex office tasks like billing and collections. With our Labor Coordinator Interface, you’ll have full visibility and control over your data, ensuring that every process is handled with the utmost efficiency. And the best part is you’re paying for the service that supports multiple areas of your business and not paying for recruiting, training, medical insurance, 401k, and so on.

A Word from One of Our Clients

Right now, you know us better than we know you. We haven’t had the opportunity to earn your trust, so listen to what our clients have to say about working with the Smart Systems Technology team.

I have now worked with SST for two years. In that time, they transformed my law firm. And that is still an understatement. They are listeners, patient, keep promises, and have an unparalleled commitment to being great for their clients.”

Top Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney

“Our organization has been working with SST for many years, and they continue to be a valued business partner for us. Their expertise and know-how have helped us to grow our business in multiple ways, and we attribute much of our success to them. Their team has helped us with a number of projects over the years, including sales process development and improvement, enhancements, recruiting, appointment-setting, vision consulting, and ongoing online marketing and Google support. Every member of their team from the top down has taken the time to truly understand our business and our customers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.”

HVAC Contractor

 We have worked with Smart Systems for several years to help build our online marketing efforts. They have provided us with a strong ROI which has converted to a 7-figure sales output…

25,000-ton Press Manufacturer

Adding Resources for All Areas of Your Business

Over the last several years, Smart Systems Technology has developed expertise in the various phases of outsourcing business operational processes and assisting with modernizing and virtualizing our client’s workflows.

Our Spheres of expertise include:

Online Demand Generation

    • Google Ads, Website Design, Landing Pages
  • Inbound/Outbound Phone Support and Tracking

    • Google Inbound and Website Outbound, CRM APIs
  • Sales and Customer Service Outreach

    • Upselling, Cross Selling, Win-back, Maintenance Renewals and Service Updates and Scheduling
  • Strong Command of Data

    • Data cleansing (company name, phone number, website, target name, direct phone, and email (where available).
  • Material Procurement

    • Locate Materials and Gathering Purchasing Information
  • Inventory Management

    • Monitor Stock Levels and Notify of Inventory Needs
  • Billing and Collections

    • Scheduling Payments According to Payment Terms, Collecting Payments, and Carrying Out Client-Initiated Payment Requests.

VHOS Platform Enhancements

Just some of the benefits our clients see as users of the VHOS platform:

  • Increase efficiency by streamlining and automating business processes.
  • Accelerate tasks completed to improve productivity.
  • All of their systems in one place minimizing errors and providing data integrity.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, reduce spending, and improve their bottom line.
  • Make better decisions with real-time data and analytics.
  • Scale up or down when you need to. The VHOS offers complete flexibility.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication.
  • Stay ahead of the competition and improve client satisfaction by optimizing processes.

Pricing Customized to Your Needs

With the addition of the VHOS platform, gone are the days of slow processes, messy data, inability to keep up with inquiries, minimal inbound/outbound phone support, time spent chasing down billing, and more.

Our pricing model is specific to each of our clients’ needs based on monthly volume. Do you need Google support this month but not the next? Great! We’ve got you covered. Is an extremely busy few months coming up and you need added resources? We can do that too.

Some areas of your business may be operating fine but if they are tied to one area that is slower or even stuck, eventually the slower area will affect the overall business.

A Unique Operating Experience

The value of Smart Systems Technology’s specialization and understanding of helping businesses modernize and streamline their processes cannot be underestimated. By harnessing the power of humans and technology working in unison, the benefits are endless, and the operating experience is unlike anything you’ve witnessed. The human emotional connection and the processing power of technology can help your entire business operate better, which helps with quality of professional life for your team and improves service outcomes for your customers.

With our patent pending Reflection Data Architecture, you can reflect ANY area in ANY database, showing updates in real time. Our specialized approach will not only improve your processes and streamline operations, but you will also have access to unique intelligence about your customers as well as your own business.

Is Our Service Right for Your Business

Getting to know Smart Systems Technology starts by scheduling a phone consultation or a virtual video consultation to determine if your business could benefit from a VHOS platform.

If it makes sense to proceed, Smart Systems Technology will schedule a follow-up meeting to determine the areas that could benefit most from our platform. We will listen to your needs and share our experience helping businesses understand their operational breakdowns and explain how modernizing their operations can resolve the issues.

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Copyright © 2023 Smart Systems Technology.
All rights reserved.

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