Technology matters

Are you struggling to find a platform that enables cross-company communication, offers automation, and improves your internal operations as well as boosts morale?

While most platforms claim to offer full coverage, a lot is left to be desired, so businesses find themselves implementing multiple applications, technology pieces, and hiring additional staff to support their business.

A new study conducted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce shows technology platforms are critical to small business growth and those who fully embrace technology are outcompeting their peers.

Software applications

Communication Breakdown

According to a recent article, “Nearly 10% of businesses now use more than 200 apps … “, yet the support needed just isn’t there. The reality is, with all the applications and technologies in place, communication is limited at best and time constraints remain an issue allowing breakdowns and inefficiencies to continue.

Communication between applications and each area of a business is crucial for business success. Imagine a warehouse is working in one system but the procurement office is using something different, breakdowns will arise due to system blindness. Material purchases may not be sufficient, stock could run out, or production quotas might fall short. Not an ideal situation.

Heavy workloads decrease performance

If just one area of your business is experiencing breakdowns the effects will trickle over to other areas.

Without steady revenue coming in businesses suffer and may eventually die out. Sales are the very air businesses need to survive. If sales have dropped to dangerous levels, become inconsistent, or have dried up completely, only a small window of opportunity is available to correct course and bring back vital air to the company. Wait too long and you risk ceasing to exist along with years of hard work and the jobs your team needed to survive.

So, did your sales team suddenly forget how to do their job? In previous months your team closed a significant number of sales, growing the business substantially causing quite the challenge of maintaining existing relationships and acquiring new ones. Their workload increased by more than half and now they’re stretched dangerously thin, performing more tasks than before and important tasks are pushed aside so they can keep closing sales. Performing every step of the sales process isn’t a great use of their time. They’re sales experts, time is best spent closing sales.

Revenue Loss

Support for ANY business area

Mundane tasks take up roughly 35 to 45% of an employee’s time and are a serious hindrance to the performance of business overall. For every minute spent completing general administrative duties, time is taken away from their high-level responsibilities.

For many years we worked with countless businesses who were experiencing breakdowns. A breakdown in one area was causing issues in another area. From our extensive experience we wanted to create a platform that not only addressed breakdowns, could predict, and prevent them but a platform that would enhance the abilities of a business’ internal team.

We are proudly introducing our state-of-the-art Virtual Human Operating Systems – VHOS platform. Our platform provides support for any area of any business. The VHOS runs in conjunction with our proprietary Data Reflection Architecture and Synchronization technology, allowing repetitive tasks to be automated, live updates to be shared cross-application, and for teams to have the ability to perform their roles without being bogged down by low level tasks.

Our VHOS provides expertise in the following areas but is not limited to:

  • Online Demand Generation: Google Ads management, website design and creation, landing page design and creation
  • Inbound/outbound phone support: Google inbound, website outbound
  • Billing and Collections: payments accepted via clients’ chosen payment platform.
  • General Administration Support: email and calendar management, scheduling, answer and directing calls.
  • Data: database maintenance, data acquisition

The Virtual Human Operating Systems are actively supporting businesses throughout the U.S.

Enhanced Performance

In addition to the Virtual Human Operating Systems, we’ve created a new category of service called Human Process Management and it’s changing the way businesses operate. Human Process Management introduces highly skilled Specialists working with our proprietary platform to manage areas of the business that are experiencing breakdowns or need more support.

With our solution, teams are given the ability to move work products across different areas of your business seamlessly, while crucial decisions are being made by real humans. The platform enhances the ability of the Specialist to perform multiple workstations without needing to log in and out of different applications.

Streamline operations – Improve efficiency – maximize productivity

Businesses who want to streamline operations, improve efficiency, maximize productivity, all without increasing overhead costs can benefit from the VHOS platform. Companies across many different industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, technology, legal firms, and more have found a better experience of operating with our Virtual Human Operating Systems.

A few years ago, a 25,000-ton press manufacturer with U.S. based operations came to us for guidance with a Google Ads campaign. When we first met, they had pieces of a marketing initiative that needed structure and a strategy. A solid, well-strategized plan was put into action and the high performance led to their need for further support from our inbound / outbound call program. Today, this client is a valued partner of Smart Systems Technology.

Here is what they had to say about working with us:

“We have worked with Smart Systems for several years to help build our online marketing efforts. They have provided us with a strong ROI which has converted to a 7-figure sales output. Just recently we are using them to support our CRM data using Sales Enablement support to make our CRM intelligent and work for us in terms of a sales funnel, instead of a list of names. They have also provided sales process design and engineering services to phase everything to fit our budget while eliminating ineffective programming that is costly. We are looking forward to much better information and returns. “

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