I don’t have time for this! – Can we afford to hire someone to do this? – All of this manual work is killing us! – We need a better way to organize data! This database is full of errors! …

According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Nearly 10% of businesses now have more than 200 apps…” Yep, you read that right, 200 apps! Of course, smaller businesses trend closer to a hundred apps but the number is still mind-boggling. Multiple applications support their business and essentially, most do the same thing.

Businesses tend to mix and match to meet their needs and as time goes on, more apps are added.

If you’re struggling to find a service that has the ability to support your business end-to-end, that enables communication across the board, offers automation for repetitive tasks, and will improve not only your internal operations but will also help improve company morale, then you’ve come to the right place! Stop wasting time and money on application after application!

Introducing Human Process Support

For more than twenty years, Smart Systems Technology has witnessed many businesses struggle to maintain consistent operational stability. We found businesses implementing various applications and technology pieces, but the value promised just wasn’t there. A real problem was recognized, and we knew we wanted to help.

Here at Smart Systems Technology, we believe in the power of humans, and that technology should ease the lives of its users, not create further chaos. Alone, neither humans nor technology have all the answers but together, they become a powerful support system.

Imagine your business operating without your in-house team … not a lot would get done and you’d be left going at it alone – not an ideal situation. Humans play an integral role in every business and in our opinion, will always play that vital role.

Human Process Management is a new category of service that introduces Human Process Support into businesses needing assistance with pieces of their daily operations. Highly skilled humans are essentially used as a tool in addition to state-of-the-art technology to manage various business pieces removing the need for higher paid professionals to work an administrative role in addition to their primary role.

Though not well known yet, Human Process Support is changing the way businesses operate. Our state-of-the-art platform embraces the creativity and skills of our humans and the scientific knowledge of technology to improve the lives of its adopters.

Our Human Process Support and Data Workflow Synchronization and Automation solutions are only available through our platform and are designed specifically to help small to medium-sized businesses as well as continuous improvement leaders, our platform supports manufacturing and service-based businesses in ways no other platform can. Really. Our service can do things that other big brand names can’t do.

Professional Firms

Routine data-driven work may seem mundane and simple, but employees often spend roughly 35 to 45% of their time working on these tasks. Each moment spent on low-leverage tasks is valuable time taken away from focusing on the higher-leverage functions.

The Sales department isn’t closing sales not because they are bad salespeople, sales aren’t being closed because time and attention are pulling them away from what they do best, sell.

For businesses, sales are the very air they breathe to sustain and grow but If sales aren’t coming in, your business is quite literally suffocating from lack of air.

Mundane tasks are a serious hindrance to the productivity of employees and managing all elements of any process is not a great use of their time, and as a result morale will likely begin a downward spiral that can lead to employee turnover.

Legal Firms

Legal firms are not immune to inefficiencies and breakdowns either. Attorneys spend years in college to gain the knowledge needed to practice law, yet, according to a recent article, attorneys too spend around 40% of their time away from their cases to focus on General Administration tasks. Each minute an attorney spends on General Administration tasks is a minute away from driving sales and away from providing their clients with the best possible service.

In a very real way, repetitive data entry driven tasks across multiple applications and databases that don’t communicate with each other are crippling all different types of service delivery and your customers are feeling it too. You have applications in place to manage accounts but none of the apps are intelligent enough or automated enough to take-on the workload bogging down your team.

With our solution, you are given the ability to move work products across different areas of your business seamlessly, while crucial decisions are being made by real humans. If you’re tired of being bogged down by complex support routines that hinder your profitability and growth, the time to act is now! If you’re tired of paying for subscription after subscription with no high-value support, let’s chat!

If you need fully automated customer data flows that depend on state-based synchronization between different databases – we can help!

If you need data to pass through the human touch – we can help!

If you’re trying to modernize your business to work better with technology – we can help!

If you’re trying to find relief for your overworked staff – we can help!

Unlock the full potential of your CRM with a VHOS.

Introducing Virtual Human Operating Systems – VHOS, a revolutionary service that meanders your business process to unlock the true potential of your CRM. Our team of expert Specialists are ready to support your business, end-to-end – day-to-day. Not only is the VHOS driven by a team of highly skilled Specialists, but the versatile technology will open new opportunities and help your business reach new heights.

Struggling to stay on top of your website and digital inquiries?

Our Specialists are experts in website management and digital inquiry outreach. Imagine having your own team of Specialists to make website updates, create landing pages, refine, and manage your Google Ads program, follow-up with and qualify your Google inquiries, and more.

Is your CRM just a jumbled mess of data overload?

Our Specialists are experts at data cleansing, appointment setting, and collecting vital business intelligence that will allow you to truly understand your customer. Our team performs outreach and qualification for sales handoffs, ensuring your team is focused on the relationships that matter. We work right alongside your sales team, allowing no opportunity to be missed. No longer will your CRM be a black hole of untapped potential. You will gain the ability to understand your customers’ needs and detail a plan to provide the service or product they are searching for.

You, like one adopter of the VHOS – a $10,000,000 25 Ton Press Manufacturer – can reduce your data overload of 35,000 records to the 1,500 relationships that drive your business. With the support of the VHOS, your database will be an intelligent tool that helps you make more qualified decisions for your business.

And that’s not all. The VHOS also provides support for relationship acquisition efforts, both inbound and outbound. We even have win-back strategies to re-engage with lost customers and reignite valuable conversations.

Our proven results speak for themselves. Since adopting the VHOS platform, our client, a $10,000,000 25 Ton Press Manufacturer has seen exponential revenue growth over the last few years. With the added transparency and insight provided by our data synchronization platform, you’ll have a data strategy that can revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts. A CRM should be a powerful tool full of customized intelligence at your disposal, DON’T LET YOUR CRM HOLD YOU BACK! 

The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing

Human Process Support is for businesses and organizations that want to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and maximize their productivity. It has been beneficial for companies and industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, technology, legal firms, and more.

To manifest change, action must be taken and by taking no action, inefficiencies and breakdowns will only continue. We’ve worked with many clients who were hesitant to change at first, but they quickly learned how different things can be after implementing the VHOS. When teams aren’t overworked on low-level tasks, they can focus on the important areas where they are needed, giving them back the feeling of accomplishment.

Many of the businesses that have come to Smart Systems for help were all experiencing a variety of symptoms that signaled they would benefit from our solution.

Common Symptoms Our Clients Had Been Suffering From

    1. Higher Overhead Expenses
    2. Slow Throughput
    3. Poor Data Quality
    4. Impeded Marketing and Sales Efforts
    5. Administrative Challenges
    6. Low Customer Satisfaction
    7. Lack of Data-Driven Insights

If you’re facing any of these symptoms, taking immediate action will start your business on a path to resolution. You have made it this far in our article, so something is weighing on you. We’d love to meet with you to hear your story and understand your business goals.

Support Solutions Tailored to YOUR NEEDS

Unlike traditional support services, we offer customized support solutions tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. We’re not an out-of-the-box type solution. Smart Systems will analyze your business process and design the setup that will work best for you and your team.

Just like a manufacturer, we charge a unit cost based on the throughput volume each month that support is provided.

Throughput” – if you’re not familiar with the term largely determines the rate at which your business can create value and make money.

Since our pricing is billed by unit cost on volume throughput, we ensure you only pay for the support you need. This approach allows businesses to enjoy complex support routines that are specifically designed for their requirements, resulting in improved efficiency, increased profitability, and accelerated growth.

Additionally, we offer a range of services, including meandering process design, advertising, phone and email management, calendar management, inventory, and billing and collections tasks, all at affordable prices. With Smart Systems, you can unlock the potential of your CRM, BPM, or other database, boost sales, streamline customer relationships, and revolutionize operations.

Humans Are Critical to Your Success

As we mentioned previously, humans play an important role in our services. We’ve hand-picked the best talent that dedicate themselves to helping your team achieve success. Your goals become our goals. Humans are an indispensable part of the management of any complex process because they possess unique cognitive abilities, creativity, and problem-solving skills that are difficult to replicate with automation or AI.

Humans Can

    • Quickly adapt to changing circumstances
    • Make complex decisions based on intuition and experience
    • Handle situations that require empathy and emotional intelligence
    • Provide critical oversight
    • Identify errors or inefficiencies
    • Make strategic decisions that align with the overall goals and values of the organization

Our solutions are designed with both humans and technology each playing a critical role. Where humans lack an ability, technology picks up and keeps moving and vice versa.

We project specialized human labor into businesses through the cloud and that makes Smart Systems Technology unusual because it allows us to provide customized support solutions tailored to the specific needs of each business. This means that businesses can access the expertise and assistance they require without the need for internal hiring, training, and retention – and at a fraction of the cost.

When running many applications, you need to train on all applications, and typically the training level is not well-funded and is time-consuming. Our Reflection Data Architecture allows you to reflect your data into our Smart System, our Specialists only need to be trained to operate one system, ours. This provides many benefits and gives you the ability to move the support your business needs online more efficiently by comparison than going at it on your own.

Human Process Support Helps Businesses Transform

There are many benefits of how Human Process Support helps businesses transform the way they operate, but to witness the results first-hand is truly a sight to behold.

A few benefits of Human Process Support Are –

    1. Increased Efficiency: streamline and automate your complex business processes, reduce manual procedures, and boost efficiency overall.
    2. Faster Throughput: tasks and workflow completion are accelerated resulting in faster turnaround and improved productivity.
    3. Enhanced Data Integrity: accurately captured data is processed and synchronized across different systems, minimizing errors, and ensuring data integrity is kept.
    4. Lower Overhead Costs: automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows reduces operational costs and improves your bottom line.
    5. Improved Decision-Making: access to real-time data intelligence and analytics will enable you to make better informed decisions while also identifying areas for improvement which lead to better outcomes for your business.
    6. Scalability and Flexibility: Human Process Support easily adapts to changing business needs and can scale up as your business grows, giving you the flexibility to manage increased workloads and complexity.
    7. Enhanced Collaboration: with seamless collaboration and communication among teams, working together is more effective and efficient.
    8. Competitive Advantage: gain a competitive edge by optimizing your process and improving customer satisfaction, keeping you ahead of your competition.

Are We a Good Fit

The value of Smart Systems Technology’s specialization and understanding of helping businesses improve their operations cannot be underestimated. We take great pride in our services, and we’re confident we can help your business achieve its goals.

Getting to know Smart Systems Technology starts with scheduling a Phone Consultation or by scheduling a Virtual Video Consultation to determine if your business could benefit from our services. There is no risk to you so reach out today to schedule your consultation. The cost of doing nothing is too great a risk, let’s chat!

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Copyright © 2023 Smart Systems Technology.
All rights reserved.

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