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Intelligence Center Sphere

Start Communicating with your clients. If you want to acquire new relationships, re-invigorate existing relationships already under your management, follow-up on sales pipeline opportunities, win back past customers- our unique combination of process, technology, and humans will allow you to project B2B sales process support outcomes virtually through our CRM and yours into your business.
We provide the necessary support at any phase of the B2B complex sales process: acquisition, nurturing & retention, opportunity funnel management & win back! 

Communication: Phone, Social, Email; Technology powered by intelligent humans. Take advantage of the multiple touchpoints (don’t chance it!)
Visibility: A well-designed process, projected into your CRM. 24/7 access to campaign outcomes via our Sales Process Monitoring System™ and full CRM integration.
Results: We test and measure everything we do along the way to deliver increased sales with predictable outcomes.
Let your highly-paid salespeople spend their time only on highly-qualified targets, predisposed to hearing your story. 

Map it Out

Map all the pieces of the sales process, identify any constraints and provide the solutions at any phase:

Holistic B2B Lead Generation & Nurturing

B2B Appointment Setting

Client Identification & Qualification (I&Q)

Revolutionary LinkedIn to Phone

Simply Smart & Cold Calling

Email Nurturing


Customer Satisfaction

Event Registration

Lunch & Learns

Professional Social events

and many more…

Tools & Integrations (web-based services & handling)

Data cleansing & enrichment

A/B Testing

Fully covered Copy & Design Creation

Landing Page Development

Calendar Integration

CRM Integration

and many more…

We have the people, the technology and power to make it work for your business. Leave the complexity to us.
Secure your B2B Sales process. It is simple, but not simplistic. 
WE build you an assembly line producing qualified B2B relationships, so YOU and YOUR people can build on them. Cool, right?

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Trusted Partner of Growing B2B Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a pay-per-performance model?
No. We offer a time and materials model. Performance models protect you from risk, but they also create risk for the provider. That’s why the price per appointment is typically 2-3 times than that of an hourly service. Performance models can also be tied to commission payments to reps, and that leads to manipulative and aggressive calling practices. We believe that our superior process will lead you to a lower cost per appointment at a higher quality than you will be able to achieve elsewhere. We do offer new clients a Greatness Guarantee so that you can try without risk.

How can I monitor performance?
Every client has their own dashboard called the SST Sales Process Monitoring System™ with real-time KPIs such as appointments, appointments needing feedback and gathered intelligence. Additionally, we offer a weekly Recharge where your account manager will meet to discuss your program.

Do I need to provide data?
 Not neccessarely. However, we love it when the client provides data for us. We will still spot check it for quality before agreeing to start, but when a client send us relationships they already have under management the process generally goes smoothly. If you are buying your own cold lists we will vet those first for accuracy before agreeing to start. We do this to save aggravation and costs on both sides. Because, when our B2B appointment setters call into a list that has a lot of bad phone numbers, or wrong contacts etc. they stop being B2B appointment setters and start being Organizational Researchers which lowers appointment outcomes, and raises cost. The good news is your data gets cleaned–but you would be better off doing that with our targeting service and a lower hourly rate first and then entering into appointment setting.

Our Data Management Sphere will help you to source the best possible starting point for your project, whether that be an internal list from your CRM or a specialty list we need to source for you. Either way, we also spot check any data for accuracy by spending some time calling into it. This enables us to confidently predict data health before committing significant hours.

Will you get me sales?
We don’t get you sales. You get you sales! We find your best targets, take the good things your company has to say and help you say it so well that they agree to spend more time with you and your company while you earn their trust to transact.

We are the jack that lifts the car that is your Customer Database – activating it and getting it to communicate with you while gathering up intelligence that gets fed back into your CRM so everday you can learn how to do a better and better job at communicating with more of your customers more of the time.

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