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…so that your small business can experience less headaches, increased productivity, and true process harmony.

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Less bottlenecks and more wins for small businesses.

You have a system, you’re using the system, but things still aren’t getting done. When the system isn’t optimized, your people are out of their depth, breakdowns happen. From marketing, to sales, to onboarding, to project management, to billing, to shipping then doing it all over again; things are getting lost. 

We make the difference for small businesses that offer:


The Virtual Human Operating System drives higher process throughput, faster. It works across multiple systems and leads to lower overhead and better quality data for better decision making.

Your Breakdowns

  • You’re wearing too many hats
  • You’re experiencing too much turnover
  • You can’t find the right people to fill the right jobs
  • Things aren’t getting done
  • There just isn’t enough time in the day

Our Breakthroughs

  • Get more work done, faster
  • Achieve specialization
  • Get the grunt work done with a high degree of quality
  • You’re freed up to do what you do best
  • You can make better decisions 

How does it work?
Enter, Meandering Process.

Your current process flow is a single work stream, constrained by the boundaries of your internal systems. The cloud can introduce leverage by allowing your process to meander beyond these boundaries and relieve the pressure from your team. 

In a perfect world, your process would work like this.

In reality, your process looks a little more like this.

We help by taking on the steps that you get stuck on.

By implementing a meandering process, we create a continuously flowing Process River.

We start by mapping your process and dividing up the tasks/steps. Your team keeps the high-level, important tasks from the topside of the river, while our team provides critical support on more repetitive, simple tasks from the bottom-side. Essentially, we are manufacturing process outcomes that are central to your operational performance where you otherwise experience drops, delays, inconsistent quality, demoralization, turnover, or confusion.

Our Specialists can fill important roles in any step of your business process that is supported by any API accessible database:






Our patent-pending Reflection Architecture lets our specialists see where your breakdowns are happening in real time.

We reflect your software systems into our system virtually. This allows our team to operate as an extension of your own. With objectives and insights flowing seamlessly between your team and ours, the process itself becomes invisible. You’ll almost believe it’s magic.

Say goodbye to data storage. Say hello to data mobilization.

We execute steps in critical processes and push back the enriched, contextualized data to our clients that is necessary to advance to the next step. Where modern data architecture falls short, our patent pending data architecture connects with/aligns with modern software systems and generates real value and insight for our clients.

Intrigued? Learn more about getting started.

step 1: Test the Water

Schedule your 15-30 minute Meet & Greet Call to determine if our businesses are a good fit for each other. We’ll get to know a little bit about you and mutually determine if your goals align with our solution. If a good fit is established, we’ll schedule a demo call for a deeper dive into our solution.

step 2: Deep Dive

During this 1-2 hour interactive demo, we’ll showcase the full capabilities of our technology and specialists. If, at the end, we both agree that your business could benefit from a partnership with SST, we’ll move onto the next step – scheduling your Map It Now session.

step 3: Map it Now

During your Map It Now session, one of our Process Architects will map out your current processes and figure out where they’re breaking down and why. 

step 4: Chart a New Course

Next, we’ll take our findings from the Map It Now session and design a customized plan (proposal) to meet your current needs and reach your future goals.

step 5: Get on Board

If you like the proposal and are ready to take the next step, all that’s left is to get on board as an official client! We’ll agree to the details and sign a 12 MONTH SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT – and that’s only the beginning of our game-changing partnership.

Ready to take the first step?

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From Our Happy Customers

Our Specialists Are Special

Let them be the engine that drives yours forward. We’ve virtually brought together the very best team of specialists, driven by a desire to help our clients succeed. Our technologies and processes are critical, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to real people, really getting the job done. 

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