Smart Systems Technology

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Virtualize Your Business Operating System

Our clients have complex processes that must be executed to perform various business functions. Oftentimes our clients don’t have the time, skill, or desire internally to manage every step of every process. They need the outcome, but get lost in the details. Smart Systems Technology is unique in that our technology and specifically our Labor Coordinator Interfaces abstract away the complexity inherent in these processes into understandable process workstations (Spheres), dashboards and reports. We execute steps in critical processes and push back the enriched contextualized data (outcomes) to our clients that are necessary to advance each ordered and value-added step in their complex business process. Our clients can then focus on the high-leverage steps (stations) in their processes to achieve better performance with less expense and frustration.

With Humans

Our “Specialists are Special” and are trained to execute the series of ordered and value-added steps of your processes to your specifications. Technical, detailed and even highly-customized steps are within our range of abilities. Their output becomes the input for your next station, or you can trust Smart Systems Technology to chain together multiple consecutive stations and deliver more refined outcomes further down the line. If you don’t have a fully-formed process, SST partners with you to manufacture the process itself and projects it all to you through the cloud compliments of our patent pending data architecture.
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