Welcome to Sales Process Manufacturing driven by creative minds in the cloud

At Smart Systems Technology, we want to be great for our clients, our people, and our partners in ways that benefit the universe.

UB2BSS is a new service category invented by SST. We believe that sales is a process and it could be manufactured in an assembly line. Not just any kind, but one driven by creative human beings operating in stations in the cloud. No one else can do it this way. We have a unique combination of process, technology and humans that allows us to project B2B sales process support outcomes virtually through our CRM and yours into your business.


We believe that businesses can change the world around us.


In times of technology and robots—when human beings are left behind due to automation—professions are disappearing, families are struggling, people are suffering. This is the reality. We want to be great for your business so you can grow, provide more workplaces and change the world around us. Sales is what helps businesses breathe.
We want to give you the air. Sales Process Manufacturing is a form of HUMAN automation.

We want to be great for our people!

We have people with good hearts and good minds brought together by one mission—to provide a return on dreams, yours and ours. We want to achieve your business dream and by doing so, we are one step closer to our own. At SST, individuals come and learn to earn. SST is re-skilling the workforce while supporting the American business' need to sell. We are a developmental organism. Our specialists are constantly growing their skillset and getting closer to their own dreams—to be prosperous, successful and grow in their sphere of interest. There is no limit in positions; the whole company is communicating as equals. We don’t lose energy, we just transform it (simple physics), and we are communicating all the way through it so we can be great for you.


We want to be great for our partners!


No one of us is as smart as all of us. If we are great for our clients and our people, we will make an impact on our partners and they will achieve a return on their dreams as well.


To provide return on our people’s dreams

We are all designers of the organism

To be great for our clients, people, and partners

Follow principles of how the Universe works - don't fight them

Breakdowns are breakthroughs

Communication is how we win

No one of us is as smart as all of us !

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