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3 Ways to Prevent Objections When You Set Appointments

3 Ways to Prevent Objections When You Set Appointments

What is the goal of an appointment call? To start a valuable conversation. Sounds simple but everyone who is setting appointments by phone knows that this is not an easy job. And the biggest struggle is when it comes to handling objections. Here are a few things we have learned since being in the business for more than 20 years.

Good preparation to set an appointment in its fullest means to gather the needed information for your customer.  It allows you to take an intelligent approach, prepares you mentally and prevents their objections. If you are aware of your prospect’s profile and what their business is you have greater chance for success.

Reducing the opportunities for objections to occur. Depending on your prospect, you should check a few things: Is the information you are giving your client appropriate for their needs? Do you have an example of a previous customer in the same sphere of business who was satisfied with the products/service they got from you? What limitations might the prospect have and how you can handle it?

Effectively handling the objections that do occur. Again, it is all about preparation. Rehearse rebuttals for every possible objection the lead can give you. When a lead objects to your pitch or an appointment, know which rebuttal to pull from your arsenal. For example, your lead’s objection is “I don’t have time to talk to you,” you can respond, “I know your time is valuable. That is exactly why I would like to schedule an appointment to further discuss your needs at a time that is more convenient for you.”


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