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“Building a good customer experience does not happen by accident. It happens by design”

– Clare Muscutt

What Our Client Are Saying

SST has become an integral partner for our business. They meet with the team weekly and have helped us learn so much about Google Ads, while launching our first Google Ads pilot. They also have provided valuable consulting on sales processes and corporate messaging. I would recommend them as a helpful resource for any business looking for hands on approach with a company that cares about it customers.SST has become an integral partner for our business.

– Victoria Velez, Director of Operations

The Smart Systems Technology Team has been incredible every step of the way through the B2B Sales Process consulting expertise, to our Salesforce CRM implementation, to our new complex sales process enablement VHOS system.

– Harry Hoover, Head of Engineering

We have worked with Smart Systems for several years to help build our online marketing efforts. They have provided us with a strong ROI which has converted to a 7-figure sales output. Just recently we are using them to support our CRM data using Sales Enablement support to make our CRM intelligent and work for us in terms of a sales funnel, instead of a list of names. They have also provided sales process design and engineering services to phase everything to fit our budget while eliminating ineffective programming that is costly. We are looking forward to much better information and returns.

– Leslie Schall, CFO

I found Smart System many years ago as I was frustrated with Salesforce. I was looking for a company that could work with me to show me how it worked and train me on how to make it better for our company. What I did realize is this gem of a company that I stumbled upon. After, my first meeting with Smart Systems, I realized this company was going to work for our needs perfectly. They were not only attentive to our needs, but they were understanding to all of our requests, listened and took everything I said and put together a great package that worked for us. This was the beginning of our long and still going relationship. Since that first meeting Smart Systems, has taken on our Google Ads program and turned that program around with 100% satisfaction. Taken on extra projects, redone websites, and all the meanwhile meeting and going over and above all of our expectations. They take the time to explain every step of the way and always make sure that you as the client we are happy along the way. I would highly recommend Smart Systems for you and your business as they are there for you as the client and are very attentive to you and your needs. They have many different ways they can help you and your business. All you have to do is just ask.

– Stacy Allen, Head of Sales and Operations

I have now worked with SST for two years. In that time, they have transformed my law firm. And that is still an understatement. They are listeners, patient, keep promises, and have an unparalleled commitment to being great for their clients.

– Komron Jon Maknoon, Top Defense Lawyer, 350% Growth in 2 years, Opened in New Office in New State, Plans to Open 8 More offices in next 22 Months.

Our organization has been working with SST for many years, and they continue to be a valued business partner for us. Their expertise and know-how have helped us to grow our business in multiple ways, and we attribute much of our success to them. Their team has helped us with a number of projects over the years; including sales process development and improvement, enhancements, recruiting, appointment-setting, vision consulting, and ongoing online marketing and Google support. Every member of their team from the top down has taken the time to truly understand our business and our customers, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.

– Jeff Vandergrift, Director of Marketing

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