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Increase sales revenue with landing pages

Marketing in the online world can pose quite a challenge for even the most experienced teams. With a constantly changing digital environment, your marketing team must be able to pivot quickly to meet the demands of the market.

The state of the American economy can change in the blink of an eye and for small businesses, creating content that will boost their visibility in the online market is a must. Often, these small businesses struggle to keep up with new content to remain competitive due to a lack of manpower with their internal teams.

If your business is struggling to acquire new customers, Smart Systems Technology has the expertise you need. We’ve worked with companies across many different industries (manufacturing, healthcare, finance, legal, etc.) to create the marketing strategies to grow their sales pipeline and convert prospects into paying customers

Landing pages keep prospects focused

Landing pages are almost everywhere in the online world and at one time or another you’ve likely clicked on a social media ad or performed a Google search that led you to a landing page. So, what is a landing page? Landing pages are pages outside of your website that are designed to spotlight a single product or service your business offers.

Unlike websites, landing pages have no navigation menus or in-depth content, only a straightforward, direct message about what your company does or is offering, and a single CTA (Call to Action). In other words, landing pages are a follow-up to the advertisement the prospect clicked on.

Landing pages convert more customers

If your business is relying solely on its website, you are missing out on a lot of business. Well-designed landing pages will allow you to acquire more leads and convert them into paying customers because they are focused on a specific goal or CTA (Call to Action).

Getting visitors to your website is undoubtedly a good thing but visitors are less likely to convert than with a landing page. Websites have a lot of information and different places to navigate to which can easily distract a visitor who came with the intent to purchase. Landing pages have a simple and clear CTA (Call to Action) eliminating the distractions they would be subjected to on a website.

Landing pages will get you better conversion rates without all the distractions on your website. Conversion rates vary by industry but on average effective landing pages can see around 5% or more conversions and the more landing pages you have the greater your conversion rate chances will be.

Keep your landing pages simple

Since landing pages are designed for a specific offering, your pages have a greater chance of keeping the visitor’s attention for longer so there are several things your landing page must do.

  1. Focus on the offer – prospects clicked for a reason and the focus must stay on the offer that led them to the landing page. Stick to what your offer promised.
  2. Distraction-free – the goal is to get prospects what they want while completing the CTA (Call to Action).
  3. Content – all copy and imagery should be relevant to the message.
  4. Simple CTA (Call to Action) – the end goal should be clear and simple.
  5. Specific Audience – keep the messaging relevant to the audience your landing page is targeting.
  6. Information collection – the landing page should capture the most critical information about a prospect (name, email, phone, location, why they clicked). Keep the questions asked to a minimum. The less you ask the more likely the prospect will be to answer.

Market with effective landing pages

In today’s fast-paced digital world, capturing the attention of your target consumers is more important than ever. Our landing pages are designed to interact and deliver your key brand message in the most effective way possible. Understanding that consumers want a straightforward, direct message about what your company does for or offers them, this captured in the landing pages’ message.

At Smart Systems Technology, we believe in data-driven decision-making. We track and analyze user behavior on your landing pages to identify areas for improvement. By continuously optimizing your landing pages based on real-time data, we help you maximize conversions and achieve measurable results.

Our humans are experts at developing the effective marketing content your business needs. With a collection of diverse backgrounds and experience in many different industries, we give your business the competitive edge it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Whatever your goal, Smart Systems Technology has the expertise to help you achieve it. From strategizing your Google campaigns to designing and launching landing pages for maximized ROI (Return on Investment), we make it easier for your business to achieve success!

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