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The Way Humans Work, Imagined Differently

Our Mission

At Smart Systems Technology our mission is to continuously improve the way humans work and to create better personal and professional lives of everyone we meet.

Making human processes smarter

At one time or another, we’ve all come across those silly cartoons that depict the future as flying cars driving through outer space with humans living in their futuristic homes somewhere in the universe. In almost every cartoon depiction of the future, robots have become responsible for the work humans once did. In our lifetime we will likely never see our world so advanced, but the harsh reality today is the tech takeover has already begun. Jobs that were once performed by humans have been eliminated for takeover by AI and humans are suffering as a result. From grocery store checkout lanes to turnpike toll booths, human roles are quietly fading away.

AI doesn’t get tired. AI doesn’t take coffee breaks. AI doesn’t take sick days. AI doesn’t complain about wages.

AI can streamline operations, increase efficiency, and cut labor costs – to say AI is a powerful tool is an understatement and, in many instances, can outperform human workability. With the great advancements in technical ability where does that leave our American workforce? An algorithm may be able to compute at speeds unimaginable to the naked eye, but AI doesn’t understand human emotion, compassion, or the value of something as simple as a smile. While implementing AI into your business will most definitely save you time and money, we should remember that our customers don’t just buy our products or services, they buy with their emotions, stories they felt a connection to, and their personal experiences. AI cannot create real human connections the way humans can.

At Smart Systems Technology we believe humans have much more value than anything that could ever be coded or computed. We don’t want a work environment that focuses more on binary codes than real living, breathing humans who put a heartbeat behind every decision and unique emotions into everything they do. Real progress will happen when we embrace technology as a strong support tool that enhances the ability of humans both as valuable and irreplaceable pieces.

Smart Systems Technology has set forth to create a new way for our humans and your humans to work, a way that brings together the best humans with great hearts and minds while supporting and enhancing their abilities with state-of-the-art technology. The workplace we dreamed of now exists for our great humans and our clients. Our state-of-the-art platform to support our humans and our clients was developed in-house and is now actively deployed in businesses throughout America. You can learn more about our Virtual Human Operating Systems | VHOS platform by visiting our Services page. Now, a little more about Smart Systems Technology.

Our Story

Smart Systems Technology (SST), located in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, began as a research company more than 20 years ago under the original founders, eventually morphing into a B2B universal support company. Over a decade ago, the founders began a relationship with Michelangelo Celli, CEO of The Cornucopia Group, a consulting firm specializing in helping business owners gain more control of their marketing and selling operations to activate their sales process. Along the way, Michelangelo made a bid to buy SST and became the new CEO of Smart Systems. 

SST was a top B2B  company, excelling at providing our clients with a variety of support services. Month in and month out our Specialists performed their duties and our clients were happy. But Michelangelo had a different future in mind for our team.

Who We Are

Smart Systems has always been a small company with big dreams. With Michelangelo at the helm, SST stepped into unchartered territory and set forth to make those dreams reality and expand our horizons. We’ve brought together truly special humans with the best hearts and minds and we work every day to ensure a return on dreams – ours and yours.

How We Operate

Our appreciation for human beings is the foundation for all that we do. Our team is 100% remote, located in different cities and states, and their educational backgrounds are very diverse.

We do not believe human value should be based on a college degree so we embrace an Open Hiring Model, inspired by the great Bernie Glassman. This is defined as a hiring method, where positions are first come first serve – regardless of your background, resume, or interview skills. If you’re next on the list, you’re hired.

We’ve created a workplace for single moms and dads, disabled workers, high school graduates, and those who have not completed high school, we do not turn away those who want to work.

We give every member of our team the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow into any role they desire. Those who have the desire and drive to step in and get the job done will advance quickly. Being a Specialist is more than a job for our humans, it’s a huge career step and an opportunity for them to grow as humans.

SST operates like a virtual factory with different workstations, operated by different Specialists. Our specialists can move from station to station, completing tasks and moving processes forward for multiple clients. Our Specialists work in our Smart System, never needing to be trained on your system thanks to our proprietary Reflection Data Architecture and Synchronization technology. We can reflect ANY CRM, BPM, or other database into our system so our Specialists are trained on one system – ours. Specialists see only what they need to see to perform their roles and by updating our system, real-time updates are sent to your database.

Who We Work With

We don’t work with everyone. As we mentioned, our appreciation for human beings is rooted in everything we do and if a business does not value their humans and want to improve their professional we don’t want to work with those types of businesses.

We want to work with those businesses who value their humans and are looking for ways to make their professional and personal lives better – we are experts at helping businesses streamline their operational processes and helping bring effective technology onboard to bring teams together. Smart Systems has worked with hundreds of manufacturing businesses for more than 20 years.

We work well with small and medium-sized businesses in most industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance, technology, legal firms, and more. 

What We Do

Smart Systems Technology provides unique business support services. 

  • Online Demand Generation
  • Inbound/Outbound Phone Support and Tracking
  • Sales and Customer Service Outreach
  • Data cleansing
  • Material Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Billing and Collections

Our Virtual Human Operating Systems platform, powered by our proprietary technology and highly skilled Specialists brings business teams together like never before, lines of communication from every area of the business start to talk and unique business and customer insights begin to show allowing businesses to understand their customer from every angle.

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