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Sales is how a business breathes. Our mission is to help business thrive, grow and change the world around us.

Start Communicating
with your Clients

In order to suceed, you need to: 

relationships with customers. 

You must communicate with more of your customers, more of the time, to activate your sales process.

We are skilled at activating qualified conversations
at every phase of your B2B sales process


You can always try to cobble a patchwork system of providers together and put in the effort on your own - you may get some trickling results.  However, unless you have the bandwidth to invest in the hundreds of man-hours needed, possess the experience to know what to do and when, and have the capital to make your own mistakes along the way, so that you can address the process as a whole—where all the components work together in symphony in the right sequence—you are likely not to be successful in your efforts, and you won’t be able to scale and grow.   All of this work needs done, regardless of who is doing it. 

If you are CEO or Director of Sales in a B2B company selling complex and expensive products and services and you recognize that sales is a process but still have difficulty activating your sales funnel using cold calling and non-scalable word-of-mouth referrals as the primary source of sales opportunity,  you have come to the right place.

You need a higher quality and volume of B2B appointments to reach your business goals.

The True Cost of Outsourced Prospecting

You can do it in house,

but it will take a lot of time and resources...

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"The True Cost of Outsourced Prospecting"

No worries, Smart Systems Technology can help you.

Tell us:

We’ll reform your sales process by managing your customer data, getting you what you need using our exclusive data partnerships, and ensuring that your high-powered salespeople are spending their time having high-value conversations instead of looking for them.

You’ll know it’s working because we test and measure everything we do along the way. You’ll have 24/7 visibility via our custom-designed dashboard, the CEO X-Ray .


CONTACT US FOR A FREE CONSULTATION to find out what is best for your business

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What happens next is a specialist will contact you within one business day to discuss your needs.

It is simple, but not simplistic. At the end you will get an assembly line producing qualified B2B relationships, so you and your people can build on them.

Cool, right?

We will provide a complex sales support solution
so you can accomplish your dream and vision!

Pursuing a return on dreams makes us all come alive!



Our investment with Smart Systems has already delivered a 500% return in signed business.
Mike W.
CEO, B-Three Solutions
You are able to outsource your hunting without the expense of hiring, training, and employee attrition.
Steve D.
Business Development Manager, Carolina Digital Solutions
Another great day today - the team is very impress with the number and quality of the appointments!
Erik F.
Client Director, Investis

We help you acquire new relationships, re-invigorate existing relationships already under your management, follow-up on sales pipeline opportunities, AND win back past customers.


Our holistic end-to-end approach includes:


We’ll analyze your situation and probability of success with our end-to-end approach and tell you what is best for your business!


Are you ready for greatness?

Our 100% Satisfaction Money-back Guarantee

At Smart Systems Technology, we want to be great for our clients, our people and our partners. We are so committed to being great for you that we offer the Greatness Guarantee. You won’t find this anywhere else. Our B2B appointment setting services have been tested and proven to work, so this is our promise: for the first 150 hours of our partnership, if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you your money back – no questions asked.

Trusted Appointment Setter of Growing B2B Businesses


Our Specialists Are Special

At Smart Systems, we want to be great for our clients, our people, and our partners. We employ appointment setting Specialists that have the talent to succeed, but who also fit our company values and like a challenge.

All Specialists reside in the United States. We understand that is an important factor to businesses trusting us to represent them. We are based in Pittsburgh, PA but hire Specialists throughout the US.

Being a virtual company, we aren’t constrained geographically or demographically. We believe in looking everywhere for the best people so that you have a highly-skilled and highly-motivated team working for you. Our Specialists have diverse backgrounds and perspectives that lend to creative problem-solving to crack your project. We’re also able to provide great work-from-home employment opportunities to those who might benefit from the flexibility.



It gets even better, we connect with your CRM!

You will have the option to send outcomes – both appointments and other collected intelligence – direct from our system into the CRM of your choosing. We support any CRM with an API connection and customize the connections to meet your needs.

How it Works
When ready, you’ll sit down with our Salesforce-certified CRM Sphere consultants to discuss options for creating either a single or bi-directional integration. Simply put, we can push and pull data between your CRM and the Smart System in real-time.

Each integration is built custom for you, and we can advise on the best ways to organize all the collected data so it best supports your sales and relationship-building efforts.

* CRM integration is available as an add-on service

Supported CRMs

  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • HubSpot
  • Zoho
  • Sugar
  • Any other CRM that support API connections
2019 Salesforce Registered Partner


No. We offer a time and materials model. Performance models protect you from risk, but they also create risk for the provider. That’s why the price per appointment is typically 2-3 times than that of an hourly service. Performance models can also be tied to commission payments to reps, and that leads to manipulative and aggressive calling practices. We believe that our superior process will lead you to a lower cost per appointment at a higher quality than you will be able to achieve elsewhere. We do offer new clients a Greatness Guarantee so that you can try without risk.

Every client has their own dashboard called a CEO X-Ray with real-time KPIs such as appointments, appointments needing feedback and gathered intelligence. Additionally, we offer a weekly Recharge where your account manager will meet to discuss your program.

Not neccessarely. However, we love it when the client provides data for us. We will still spot check it for quality before agreeing to start, but when a client send us relationships they already have under management the process generally goes smoothly. If you are buying your own cold lists we will vet those first for accuracy before agreeing to start. We do this to save aggravation and costs on both sides. Because, when our B2B appointment setters call into a list that has a lot of bad phone numbers, or wrong contacts etc. they stop being B2B appointment setters and start being Organizational Researchers which lowers appointment outcomes, and raises cost. The good news is your data gets cleaned–but you would be better off doing that with our targeting service and a lower hourly rate first and then entering into appointment setting.

Our Data Management Sphere will help you to source the best possible starting point for your project, whether that be an internal list from your CRM or a specialty list we need to source for you. Either way, we also spot check any data for accuracy by spending some time calling into it. This enables us to confidently predict data health before committing significant hours.

We don’t get you sales. You get you sales! We find your best targets, take the good things your company has to say and help you say it so well that they agree to spend more time with you and your company while you earn their trust to transact.

We are the Jack that lifts the car that is your Customer Database – activating it and getting it to speak with you while gathering up intelligence that gets fed back into your CRM so everday you can learn how to do a better and better job at communicating with more of your customers more of the time.

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