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We Turn Red Things Green

Our Virtual Human Operating System (VHOS) uses Human Process Automation to help our clients turn breakdowns into breakthroughs.

The Magic of Human Process Automation

We’ve combined the concepts of manufacturing processes, technological efficiency, and the unmatched knowhow of real humans – to create a totally new way to operate your business that keeps your system running optimally, everyday.

We reflect your broken systems into our system virtually. This allows our team to operate as an extension of your own. With objectives and insights flowing seamlessly between your team and ours, the process itself becomes invisible. No more start and stop improvement initiatives. We continually improve the processes that support you while you focus on operating and running your business. You’ll almost believe it’s magic.

The Power of Technology & People –Synchronized & Maximized

Our Technology

Work in a New Dimension

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A Sphere for Managing All of Your Processes

Our Smart System Labor Coordinator and River Interfaces distill the complexity of your business processes into understandable virtual workstations (Spheres), dashboards and reports. Use your imagination to design and construct virtual assembly lines, manned by our specialists.

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Increase Capacity Without increasing Overhead

Our Labor Coordinator and River Interfaces allow for businesses operating in the cloud to achieve all the benefits of division of labor and centralized scheduling delivered with specialization by human workers in the cloud so your business can access high-quality process outcomes in ways never possible until now.

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Data mobilization – Not Data Storage

We execute steps in critical processes and push back the enriched, contextualized data to our clients that is necessary to advance to the next step. Where modern data architectures falls short, constraining your business with data overload and siloed processes, our patent pending data architecture frees your business systems and generates higher productivity and insight for our clients. 

Our People

Our People Low Level Work – High Expertise

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Our Specialists are the Heart of Our Business

Let them be the engine that drives yours forward. We’ve virtually brought together the very best team of specialists, driven by a desire to help our clients succeed. Our technologies and processes are critical, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to real people, really getting the job done. In this part of our universe, AI stands for Authentic Intelligence. 

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Masters of Their Craft

Our specialists specialize in performing at a high level the work that your team doesn’t have the time to do, or isn’t trained to do, or that takes away from them doing what you hired them to do. Tasks that may seem tedious to your team are second nature to ours. You can count on our specialists to complete tasks correctly, on time and in a way that adds tremendous value to your business.

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Customizable Work Streams

Our Specialists are trained to execute steps of your processes, to your specifications. Technical, detailed and even highly- customized steps are within our range of abilities. When we are assigned a task, we complete it, add something of value, push it back to your team only when necessary.


Unlock human potential and lift productivity while reducing overhead.

With Smart Systems Technology Specialists on the job – you’ll regain critical time to talk to your customers, refine your products/services, and grow your business in ways you never imagined.

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