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Our Specialist are special! The Best hearts and minds.

We've virtually brought together the very best team of specialists.

At the core of SST’s success are our people. The technologies and processes we employ are critical to helping our clients get their messages in front of customers, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to people communicating with people. In your everyday life the people who influence you, leave impressions, and have you take action are those who connect with you in some way. That power of human connection cannot be understated.

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing or saying, at some point that becomes evident. It is not something you can continue to hide.
At SST, we have made it our goal to raise people who have been marginalized in the workforce giving them a chance to prove to themselves that they can succeed. We provide a way towards a meaningful career. Single moms and dads, individuals who haven’t been afforded the opportunity of advanced education, people who have overcome difficult periods in their lives, etc… We have found that our people appreciate the ability to work more than most. We believe in what we are doing. We are creative because we remain excited. We want to be great because we are shown a path towards greatness.
This resonates in all we do.​

We do our best to foster our people’s creativity, drive, and excitement and bring it to our clients in a way that others can’t. Its why we say we strive to be great for our clients. We hope you get the chance to hear their stories for yourself.
Because we’re cloud-based, we can hire people regardless of their physical locations—and that opens up the whole world to us. We also help single parents and people with disabilities enjoy home-based work giving them the freedom and flexibility they desire plus the great bonus of a developmental career. We not only pay wages, we provide value. We focus to select the best talent and ensure that they will make a great fit for our universe. Not only that but we work to enable, train and enhance the skills to position our specialists’ talent for greatness. We all start equal and grow from within.

Experts of multimodal communication

We count strongly on communication (shared information which leads to the correct outcomes). Old-fashioned models of corporate structure don’t work when freely-shared communication is what the business is all about. By being virtual, we have the unique capability to communicate multimodal with a variety of communications channels to get our work done, including voice calls, video chats, web conferences with screen sharing sessions, and enterprise presence with IM. We’re into measurable results and communication is how we win. All specialists take DiSC assessment so we better understand ourselves and adapt our behaviors with others—within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships. <br>Communication is how we win.

We follow the principles of the universe, we don’t fight them.

Our management structure is reflective of an atom, the most basic component of matter in the universe. Who tells the tree how to grow? Nobody. But it grows! Sometimes it grows into a rain forest. On its own- without a manager. <br>In the same manner, we don’t have the vertical hierarchy with the CEO and the President, etc. We have a Nucleus. Our Nucleus consists of a few core people who work together (in the cloud) to find ways to help our clients communicate better with their customers. Each of us contributes equally with our energy, and we manage communication to drive unprecedented levels of human cooperation and coordination to drive process outcomes. Our Spheres of Assembly that govern cloud-based sequencing and value creation are the innovation behind our superior performance. Our Assembly Spheres “not lines” provide the gateway to the manufacturing process for decades to come.

Everybody at SST knows what’s going on at all times.
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