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B2B Sales Trends to Watch for This Year



Critical Trends to Watch to Improve Your Selling Opportunity

We here at SST are truly hoping that you are enjoying this beautiful year. As we enter 2017 we are extremely excited as Q1 is a very energetic time for B2B sales – thanks to changing outlooks and new marketing trends. As specialists in B2B Complex Sales Support we would like to share with you what to expect in 2017 so you could be prepared and achieve some greatness this year!

‘Big Data’ Goes Mainstream: Analyzing industry trends and understanding the market better using Big Data, focus on lower costs and an increase of cloud-based offerings that will set the stage for more cost-effective solutions that draw upon enriching your B2B data to support Actionable Intelligence and decision-making. These “projected” solutions are now becoming readily available from innovative suppliers.

Marketing Automation: Automated marketing is more targeted and results in incremental leads that may have been previously been left uncovered by other marketing tactics.

Predictive Analytics :  It’s all in the prediction. Companies, frustrated at their mature leads going nowhere, will start using more predictive analytics to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Sales Funnels : Sales funnels ensure that the lead is qualified, which ensures a high rate of success for the sales team. Adopting a sales funnel approach costs very little as well, which results in fantastic ROI.

Science–Backed Sales: Sales is an art as well as a science. By experimenting with and testing different tactics, studying buyer personas, analyzing data and applying principals of psychology, a company’s sales operation can become a well-oiled machine.

The rapidly changing landscape of B2B sales may seem daunting at first, but there are more techniques and resources out there than ever to help you get started. And we are here to help you.

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