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The Best Appointment Setting Tips you will Hear

The specific elements necessary for effective
B2B appointment setting

If mastered, B2B Appointment Setting will dramatically improve your team’s ability to get infront of prospects as well as stay there with valuable conversations throughout the sales process.

Selling is an art form as well as a science consisting of a few simple actions that must be performed consistently and flawlessly. At the same time selling is also a linear process and discipline, which means activities happen one at a time and, generally speaking, some activities need to happen before they can add value to the others.


Aim high and wide – Be sure to contact the ‘Decision maker’. If you are calling three levels below any real decision making authority, the chances of introducing you to the upper echelon is simply a myth.

Acknowledge it’s going to take more effort and more time than you think. No matter how interesting or eloquent your voice mail message, it is highly unlikely anyone will call you back, the first time – interestingly by the 3rd to 5th attempt results sky rocket – but most busy B2B sales people have moved on.
Always ask for the prospect’s time. There is no excuse for not asking: ‘Have I caught you at a bad time?’ or
Can I take a quick minute to introduce myself?’ Suggesting a specific time indicates you are not simply sitting around with time on your hands and typically shortcuts the process.
Be prepared for objections. The key to handling objections is being prepared for a predictable set of logical reactions.
Reschedules are a part of the process. On average, 25% of meetings scheduled this way are ‘no-shows.’ Generally speaking, 50% of these ‘no-shows’ can be rescheduled. Remember, you are not scheduling a qualified sales call but simply changing the context of your initial pitch. Be prepared to professionally handle no-shows and focus on getting the prospect to re-commit their time.

Getting the first meeting represents an area where a consistent approach will ensure you invest your time on those prospects and opportunities that have the highest probability of delivering the desired result.


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