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Enter the River

A Transformational Voyage

These days, many aspects of doing business are leaning heavily virtual. We’ve all had to adapt – including getting more comfortable with more technology solutions and trying our best to get the most out of them. 

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Are you ready to achieve system nirvana? With a streamlined Process River, you’ll be able to:

You’ve likely found yourself purchasing applications that promise to automate your business process, only to find that even automation needs time and effort from human beings to function optimally. And with so many systems, all with their own sets of challenges, the result can be a tangled mess of underutilized data, unchecked to-do’s, and unmet goals. 

SST can help you untangle the complex threads of your business systems and set sail on a new, streamlined Process River.

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Charting a New Course

At the beginning of an engagement, we work with our clients to map out current processes and figure out where they’re breaking down and why. We’ll also take those areas of weakness and determine where we can potentially provide support.

Areas of support may include:

Human Process Manufacturing

We design, manufacture, and project process into your business virtually where you need it most. No clear, existing process to analyze? No problem. If you don’t have a fully-formed process for an important area of your business, but would like to explore ideas, we’ll help you manufacture a process from scratch. We bring your desire to achieve better performance outcomes through the relationship between technology and humans into balance.

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Enter the River

So, why a river? We call it a Process River for the way that water flows. It meanders. It spirals.
It warms. It cools. It supports all of life. The river turns desert places into gardens.

Humans, Process & Tech Working in Harmony

Meandering Process

Your current process flows is a single work stream, constrained by the boundaries of your internal systems. The cloud can introduce leverage by allowing your process to meander beyond these boundaries and relieve the pressure from your team. We start by taking the process map and dividing up the tasks/steps. Your team keeps the high-level, important tasks from the topside of the river, while our team provides critical support on more repetitive, simple tasks from the bottom-side.  

The Process Reflection

With our patent-pending Data Architecture, we reflect your systems into our system virtually. This allows our team to operate as an extension of your own. We don’t inundate your team with the little details, we just execute our tasks to perfection and get your team what they need to move to the next step. The river gives you the power to control your business processes from the center of the processes themselves in ways not possible without SST. 

The Data Flow

Our transformative Data Architecture allows your business process to be synchronized and controlled within the center of the cloud-based data architecture, instead of being constrained locally, for the first time ever. The system is designed to mobilize your data, in context, throughout your entire business system. The river takes your messy overloaded data and contextualizes, organizes and turns it into outcomes. 

Sample Rivers

We map out a unique process river for each of our clients. Your river will be custom your business and the proccess(es) you’d like us to support. This graphic is a sample how we could potentially support a simple sales process.

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