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Salesforce Consulting for Businesses That Would Rather Be Selling

Why finding a consulting partner that can understand your vision is necessary to drive performance

Dear Business Owner/Salesforce Manager 

In my 10 years as the lead Salesforce consultant at Smart Systems Technology, I have encountered many businesses failing to realize the potential gains promised to them by Salesforce. You know by now that no CRM can actually impact revenue significantly without being tailored to your specific processes. And you don’t have much hope of designing and driving change in Salesforce without a certified, dedicated resource that is hard to justify at under $50mm in revenue. 

That’s an industry reality and the reason we exist

The B2B clients I start with know their businesses well but lack clarity on where and how to apply Salesforce technologies to gain visibility and address the bottlenecks. So they are using out-of-the-box Salesforce as-is: a glorified address book. That inevitably leads to 5 predictable outcomes:

  • Users not valuing the system and finding workarounds 
  • Way too much data on the screen to be usable
  • Vastly underutilizing the technology you are paying for
  • Duplicates, gaps and otherwise dubious data health
  • Questioning the next SF bill and considering starting over

But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to change this script. I invite you to take the first step to making Salesforce work for you. Schedule a free consulting session with me to discuss your vision for Salesforce. We’re not just admins – we’re consultants. We’ll deconstruct your processes and brainstorm ways to use your CRM to monitor your business and achieve your goals.

David Hindman

CRM Sphere Core
Smart Systems Technology

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We offer a few models depending on your needs.

  1. Block of Time. Most businesses elect to use our Block of Time services which offer both flexibility and cost savings. Hours don’t expire and you can change directions mid-work or keep unused time for on-call support or your next project.
  2. Fixed Cost. For clearly-defined projects, we can build a custom “not-to-exceed” price that will deliver your solution without any surprises.
  3. Hourly Consulting. Once we have an established relationship, hourly consulting becomes an option.

The best way to answer this is to meet a consultant for a free 15-minute consultation.

The best way to answer that is for us to learn more about your business in a free 15-minute consultation. The short answer is “probably,” and unless your Salesforce setup is highly-customized, our certified team should have no trouble adapting Salesforce best practices to meet your needs.

Absolutely. If, after the free 15-minute consultation, you want to move forward to a Requirements Gathering Session, we have a long list of happy clients across many industries that have agreed to speak with you.

We want to make sure we are a good fit for you, and vice versa. We offer a free 15-minute consultation to meet and discuss your business challenges.

Our team of certified Specialists is distributed virtually. Our company is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA but we do all of our Salesforce work remotely.

We understand. Salesforce is complex and expensive and it feels good to have someone you can bring in from time to time. There are however loads of benefits to a virtual relationship:

  • All meetings are video-enabled. The next best thing to face-to-face. Your webcam is optional though!
  • We are generally more available and responsive for impromptu calls and communication.
  • Our project-tracking is transparent – you can watch in real-time as your work queue is updated.
  • Work is processed more efficiently when suddenly all 24 hours a day are in play for production – thanks to our global workforce.

Experience what working remotely would be like in our free consultation.

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