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Our appreciation for human beings is the foundation for all that we do.

The technologies and processes we employ are critical to helping our clients get their messages in front of customers, but at the end of the day, it still comes down to individuals communicating with each other.

In your everyday life the people who influence you, leave impressions, and have you take action are those who connect with you in some way. That power of human connection cannot be understated.

Innovating in Our Space With an Open Hiring Model

SST embraces an Open Hiring Model, inspired by the great Bernie Glassman. This is defined as a hiring method, where positions are first come first serve – regardless of your background, resume, or interview skills. If you’re next on the list, you’re hired.

We lift up applicants who have the personal power to step forward and the drive to get the job done. The humans working inside our system are learning and flourishing. This is more than a job for them, it’s a huge career step and an opportunity to grow as a person.

Bringing Together the Best From All Over the Globe

Because we’re cloud-based, we can hire people regardless of their physical locations—and that opens up the whole world to us. We also help single parents and people with disabilities enjoy home-based work giving them the freedom and flexibility they desire plus the great bonus of a developmental career. 

We not only pay wages, we provide value. We focus to select the best talent and ensure that they will make a great fit for our universe. Not only that but we work to enable, train and enhance the skills to position our specialists’ talent for greatness. We all start equal and grow from within.

Filling the Skill Gap With Opportunity

The education system in our country is broken. At SST, we have made it our goal to hire individuals who have been marginalized in the workforce – giving them a chance to prove to themselves that they can succeed. 

The worth of our humans is not defined by the cost of a college degree. We provide a way towards a meaningful career. Single moms and dads, individuals who haven’t been afforded the opportunity of advanced education, or who have overcome difficult periods in their lives – we have found that they appreciate the opportunity to work more than most. That appreciation and their drive to do good work makes them the perfect additions to the SST team.

Learn more about what it means to be an SST specialist, and how they help our clients succeed, everyday.

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