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Are You Leveraging Mobile to Grow Your Business?

Are You Leveraging Mobile to Grow Your Business?

Did you know that, according to a 2013 Internet Trends report, most people check their phones 150 times a day? Mobile is now ingrained in how we do business. Sure, we have easier access to email, but have you taken time to consider how else you could be leveraging mobile to grow your business? If your people are really on their phones so much, maybe your business processes should cater more towards short, contextual actions (called micro-moments) that can be accomplished with a few taps. When was the last time you graded your procedures on mobile-friendliness? What would it mean to your business if it was easier to enter, analyze and share important customer information?

At Smart Systems, we work with B2B companies focused on growth, and have seen many different ways mobile is being used to drive bottom-line performance, increase company collaboration and make you more effective in your role. Our CRM Sphere is always looking for new ways to replace long or tedious business processes with simpler, quicker mobile actions. Your CRM can do a lot more than just track opportunities – that’s just the tip of the spear that most businesses start and end with. Because mobile is so pervasive, if you can bake it into how you interact with your customers and run your business, you’ll get more value from your CRM and increase user adoption at the same time.

Salesforce.com, one of the top CRM providers, put out a report titled “100 Ways to Run Your Business From Your Phone.” It doesn’t matter if you use Salesforce or not – the ideas are what is important. We’ve selected a few of our favorite examples for B2B companies and explained them in more detail in the link below. Each one of these ideas could help you to either increase revenues or decrease expenses. Skim through the report, circle the ideas that you think may apply to your business, and schedule a free consultation with our CRM Sphere to discuss how to go about implementing.

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